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Earrings Style Guide

Saint Cross’ Earrings Style Guide

A well-styled pair of earrings can serve to frame the face of the wearer and add refinement to any look. The plethora of earring styles available can help a myriad of different stylistic purposes and play up any daily wear look or special occasion ensemble. Our experts at Saint Cross have put together a guide to the most popular types of earrings and what they each bring to a look.

Stud Earrings

Typically the most petite and compact style of earrings, studs have been donned for centuries to add a bit of subtle sparkle or color to a look. Stud earrings appear to be floating on the ear with no visible clasp from the front. These pieces are versatile and worn close to the ear, making them less likely to get caught in hair or clothing. Choose a classic pearl or diamond stud for a timeless effect or a bold-colored gemstone or ceramic piece for a look that’s a bit more contemporary.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are exceedingly elegant; their dangling form allows the earrings to shift with the wearer's movements and catch the light beautifully. These earrings can range from short and minimalistic to long and elaborate, fitting various style preferences. Whether they feature glittering gems, colorful beads, or simplistic chains, drop earrings add a touch of luxury. Pair these stunning pieces with a graceful updo to give them the spotlight they deserve.


Timeless and ever in style, hoop earrings fit a myriad of aesthetics with ease to provide a bit of conservative sparkle. Hoops range in size from small, subtle pieces to large hoops that can even graze the shoulder of the wearer. Typically, these earrings are characterized simply by curved bands of metal, but many also feature diamonds or other colorful gems to provide more visual intrigue and a sophisticated shine.


Huggie earrings are similar to hoops in shape but cling closely to the earlobe and often feature wider bands studded with gems or featuring metalwork details. These pieces, like studs, are versatile and, because of their close fit, are less likely to be jostled or caught on clothing. Huggies give off a subtle sparkle that works well with any hairstyle and ensemble. These are a popular choice for daily wear.

Ear Climbers

These unique earrings defy gravity and give the illusion of multiple piercings up the side of the ear with a straightforward piece. Ear climbers can feature either elaborate metalwork or simple silhouettes. They “crawl” up the ear, from the center of the earlobe to the top or middle of the ear. Ear climbers are a relatively new style of earring that reinterprets what a traditional earring does.

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