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Guide to Watch Crystals

Introduction to Watch Crystals

Watch crystal is an important aspect to consider when choosing a watch, as its level of resistance to daily wear and tear can determine the longevity and attractiveness of your watch. Watch crystals can be made from both glass and plastic, varying in durability and appearance according to the style of watch they are intended for. Although sapphire crystal is widely accepted as the most premiere choice and is often used in luxury watches, other options offer a variety of benefits that may better suit some circumstances. Use our expert guide to learn more about the types of watch crystals available.

Sapphire Crystal

There is no higher quality watch crystal in the eyes of expert jewelers than sapphire. It is second only to diamonds in hardness, which is why you could never tell if a sapphire crystal watch was brand new or ten years old as it will not scratch or crack. The gleaming reflectivity of blue sapphire showcases beautifully the watch face, with a mirrored effect on its surface. Because it is subject to shattering under extreme pressure and conditions, it is not recommended to wear your sapphire crystal watch in the water.

Mineral Crystal

Mineral crystal is the most commonly used material for everyday watches, made from augmented glass and known as Hardlex for its durability. Many designers coat mineral crystal glass with anti-reflective coating so that the watch is more easily readable in harsh lighting, increasing the versatility of this crystal. Mineral crystal is almost half as hard as sapphire crystal on the Mohs scale, and as a result can be prone to scratches, but these can usually be buffed out at home or by a professional.

Acrylic Crystal

Acrylic crystal is another widely used material for watches, typically known for its accessible price point and transparency. The flexibility of acrylic glass enables it to withstand harsh impact, making it a good choice for a diving or sports watch. This flexibility also gives designers creative liberties as it can be curated into a variety of shapes and designs. However, the trade-off is that it is very prone to scratches. If you are looking for a sports watch that you won’t mind sustaining some damage, acrylic crystal may be the best choice for you.

Explore Watches at Saint Cross

Choosing among these watch crystals can be challenging to do without the help of an expert, so we at our Los Angeles jewelry store are here to guide you through the process. Our family has been in the jewelry business for almost fifty years, founded upon our virtues of gratitude and appreciation for life. Come in today to browse watch crystals or any other jewelry you are looking for at Saint Cross, convenient to Burbank, Pasadena and Glendale, or contact us at info@saintcrossinc.com for more information.

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