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Guide to Watch Movements

Introduction to Watch Movements

Watches are designed with a vast array of models, sizes, and features. One of the most intriguing components of the watch is its movement. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to the inner mechanics of a watch that keep time. The term caliber is used interchangeably, but it usually denotes a movement that has been designed in-house. If you don't mind winding your watch every day, a manual watch could be for you. Or, a quartz model may be the right option if you prefer to simply change the battery every two or three years. Continue reading to discover more about the intriguing world of horology and the numerous watch movements available.

Manual Movement 

The manual movement is the earliest watch movement created. Invented in the 16th century, manual watches have to be wound regularly to keep time. Many luxury watches are still powered by this movement today, as it is a preferred style for those who appreciate the rich history of watchmaking. The manual movement is powered when the handspring is tightened and as it slowly unwinds, it releases energy to the gears that cause the watch's hands to move around the dial. Watchmakers frequently design manual watches with transparent glass or crystal casebacks so that the inner movement may be seen.

Automatic Movement

Automatic watches are unique in the way the movement is powered by the physical movement of the watch wearer. Sometimes called a self-winding watch, automatic movements are powered by the physical motion of the wrist. A rotor inside the timepiece rotates as it harnesses kinetic energy, and transfers it to power the watch. These are favored watches because they don’t require daily winding in order to function as long as the watch is worn on a regular basis.

Quartz Movement

A quartz watch receives its energy from a battery supply. A current is sent through a quartz crystal which then vibrates and powers the movement and watch hands. Although they are not as popular as other movements, a quartz-powered watch is technically the most precise when keeping time. Quartz watches are an ideal choice for those who want a timepiece that is low maintenance as they only require a battery replacement every few years.

Why Shop for Watches at Saint Cross?

At Saint Cross, we have an extensive selection of timepieces that feature each of these movements mentioned above, so there is bound to be a watch that matches what you are searching for. Timepieces from the most sought-after watch designers are available at our Los Angeles jewelry store. We encourage you to take advantage of our in-person service and stop by to receive assistance from one of our expert associates who can answer any questions you may have about our inventory. Schedule an appointment with us today, so you can get started on your shopping journey.

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