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Guide To Watch Straps

An Expert Watch Strap Guide

A watch strap can make or break the look of your watch. It is a very important, yet sometimes overlooked element of timepieces. Finding the right strap for your watch and your style is made easy by the interchangeability of straps. This allows you to experiment with styles, or extend the lifetime of an older watch without having to pay the full price of a new one. The ideal watch strap for you will vary according to your lifestyle and the types of occasions that you will wear your timepiece. Use this expert guide to learn more about the options available for watch straps.


Bracelet watch straps offer the widest variety of selections across metals and styles. Gold is the most luxurious of metal options, while steel can be more rugged and utilitarian in appearance. Link styles can range from the popular oyster design, with three links providing durability through the thick center link, to the narrower jubilee, which is comprised of three narrower links with a matte finish and the option for two tones.


Leather straps are timeless and long-lasting, and add class to any outfit. The history of leather watch straps dates back to early pilot attire, but they are now known for use in designer and formal wear watches. The finest quality of leather is sourced from Europe, particularly Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. As with many quality fashion items, leather needs to be cared for, particularly when it gets wet or when exposed to extreme temperatures.


Rubber watch straps are most commonly used for sport watches because of their water resistance and durability, but have risen in popularity with the trend of athleisure. A sport-casual  watch with a rubber strap can be a great option to add color to your outfit on a bright summer day without over-dressing. For the functionality of diving and water activities, an accordion-detailed rubber watch is best to stretch over a wetsuit. If you just need a basic and affordable watch strap, rubber can be a great backup to have in your collection.


NATO watch straps are another often brightly colored option, most commonly made of nylon, but also available in a variety of comfortable fabrics. Because these straps were originally designed for the army, they are extremely functional in all circumstances thanks to their durability and adaptability. NATO straps’ popularity has quickly risen among those with highly active lifestyles, or prefer the rugged style.


Mesh bands are created from connected metal rings that lay flush against the wrist. This type of strap is a perfect choice for a more formal occasion at which you may be wearing your watch for an extended period of time, as mesh bands are designed to move with you, and feel very light and comfortable on the wrist. This provides ease of wear of a more casual watch strap with the classy appearance of a more high end one.

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We carry a wide selection of watches and straps at our Los Angeles jewelry store, and look forward to helping you make your decision with personalized service and expertise from nearly fifty years in the industry.  We also offer luxe fashion jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings and carry only the highest quality designers. Come in today to browse our luxury timepieces or contact us for more information.

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