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Necklace Styles Guide

Necklace Style Guide by Saint Cross

Necklaces are uniquely versatile. Whether worn alone or with other necklaces, they provide an eye-catching finishing touch to any outfit. As they are positioned in the center of one’s silhouette, they act as the centerpiece for the entire ensemble. There are a variety of styles available ranging from the minimalist to the maximalist. Our experts at Saint Cross have put together a guide to a few of our favorite necklaces that will be perfect to wear this year.

Solitaire Necklaces

Solitaire jewelry generally has two things: a jewel and something that holds it in place. It is the most iconic setting for engagement rings, consisting of a ring setting and a single diamond. Solitaire necklaces are not much different as they present a single gem strung on a chain. Diamonds are among the most valuable, brilliant, and beautiful stones used in this setting, but gemstones such as amethyst and topaz are stunning as well. These pieces are perfect for those who prefer the understated, elegant, and minimalist.

Station Necklaces

Station necklaces feature chains with bezel-set gems, motifs, or pendants placed at certain intervals. These necklaces are fashion staples for a reason. Jewelry designers use a plethora of materials, ensuring a variety of colors to choose from. Whether it's amethysts, sapphires, rubies, enamel, or diamonds, there is something for every taste. Station necklaces provide a modern but effortless elegance best paired with similarly hued clothing. These pieces are excellent for accentuating any outfit, not detracting attention from the clothing itself.

Chain Necklaces

Chains are as timeless and classic as they come. While almost all necklaces are worn on a chain, these differ in their focus on detailed metalwork. Some have large, spectacular links while others have delicate, highly detailed ones. There is plenty of variety in chain necklaces due to their widespread popularity. Chain necklaces are great for layering, although it is important to make sure the layers do not get tangled. There are plenty of differences in length to wear as well.

Lariat Necklaces

The lariat necklace is beloved for its elegant, elongated shape. Their slender silhouette evokes a uniquely stylish form. These pieces are sometimes called Y necklaces, owing to their shape. While they may look like they have a pendant, the truth is that one section of the chain loops through to fasten and create an intriguing detail at one’s center. Some pieces do incorporate beads and jewels into the mix, but these necklaces usually have a minimalist aesthetic.

Collar Necklaces

Not to be confused with chokers, collar necklaces are worn close to the base of the neck. These are typically about 14 inches long and, as their name implies, resemble the collar on one’s shirt. Unlike most shirt collars, these are made in precious metals with a variety of jewel accents. As old as jewelry itself, collar necklaces have a timeless beauty. They are adept at adding a high-fashion accent to one’s ensemble.

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